Utility Asset Management Experts

UDC provides full lifecycle asset management services for gas & electric utilities. Our expertise drives robust, flexible, and efficient solutions for some of the largest providers in the industry, and decades of experience, plus top industry strategists means we are defining industry best practices. We create refined, mature technology solutions for pipeline integrity, smart grid & smart poles, as well as asset management & operational awareness. Our services cover each component of the complete lifecycle: Field Services, Data Management, Consulting, Application Development & Deployment, System Integration, Data Maintenance & Program Support, and Staff Augmentation.

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  • Bart Elliott: Vice President, UDC
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Utility Asset Management Lifecycle Services

UDC brings to bear an integrated array of mutually supporting disciplines to forge its industrial strength asset management solutions

Field Services

Experienced UDC field techs understand data modeling and usage, making for more expert data capture.

Data Management

Guaranteed data conversion, migration & cleansing - optimized by seasoned data strategists & processes.


Our team of industry specialists assist you in creating business cases, audits, architecture, & more.

Application Development & Deployment

Customized software solutions built around your work processes.

System Integration

Synergistic, optimized workflow ecosystems based on understanding drawn from peer utility experience.

Data Maintenance & Program Support

UDC creates & supports protocols for ongoing data maintenance.

Staff Augmentation

Skilled utility specialists work their area of expertise in a contextual understanding of the big strategy.