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About UDC

UDC was founded on May 5th 2005 by Rachel Benson and Hamid Akhavan. Rachel Benson took charge of the financial and administrative aspects of this new company, while Hamid Akhavan took charge of the technical and operational aspects of the company. Hamid previously worked with the oldest and also the largest data conversion firms delivering data for many key utility GIS projects. Given the off-shoring of conversion work and evolving commodity nature of data conversion assignments, Hamid felt that there were a number of data services that could not be performed off-shore and that our clients still required skilled assistance and expertise to be successful. Since most utility clients are not experienced with, nor set up to effectively manage off-shore data work, UDC focused its expertise and experience on managing these data services and providing the delivery of quality data on schedule. UDC also purchased the Field Operations unit and equipment from ASI and began performing field services for utilities, as this required local operations and extensive data and utility expertise.

Our core management team built UDC on several foundational beliefs that drive the company to this day. These are strong beliefs formed and chiseled through lessons learned and scars of past mismanaged and under-achieving projects. Through the years prior to the formation of UDC, our core management team have experienced numerous successes as well as some failures at previous GIS companies; projects with lessons learned and expertise carried forward.

The number one criterion for the success of any project is customer satisfaction. Above all, we strive to deliver and see to it that our clients and partners are successful. We want every client to be a good reference for UDC, and we have achieved that to date. We also stay within areas where we are technically and functionally competent. We will not over-extend by taking on tasks that could put our client at risk of failure. We take care of our employees and partners. We are steadfastly loyal to our staff as well as our partners and small business contractors who have been so critical to our success. We operate on trust; we work very hard at earning the trust of our clients and partners and we zealously work to protect that trust at all times.

UDC has successfully grown over the years to be the largest product-independent provider of services in relation to spatially-based asset management services. Our service offerings now include a full range of utility asset management services that match the full asset lifecycle needs of our utility customers. Our success is based on our corporate focus of helping our clients to be successful and a company culture that believes in “being at the customer for the customer” to help ensure success and daily interaction. This approach has enabled UDC to be a partner who can be counted on to help deliver project success.

Our experience now encompasses many of the most complex electric and gas project assignments in the industry. Many of these projects have pioneered new territory and we have gained extensive industry knowledge and understanding from peer utility investments that we can bring to your project. We have added to our team the technical and executive leadership that have designed and implemented solutions for many leading-edge utility projects.

Our company philosophy and approach remain that understanding the data is the foundation of each project, and effectively managing this data is the overall key to success, timely project delivery, and business performance. We believe we are unique in bringing this expertise to our clients and that the data aspect of many projects does not receive the attention and focus required to ensure cutting edge functionality.

UDC is a privately held company with our entire focus on the customer’s success and providing reasonably priced services for the full journey of utility asset performance. Our company focus is also entirely on the services we provide. We will not be selling you products downstream in your project. Spatially-based asset services are our entire business and not a sideline to engineering or other services. Our success is based entirely on your success.