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Application Development & Deployment

UDC provides a comprehensive set of application development & deployment services that is built on extensive client experience and the evolution of delivery practices & tools that help ensure success.

Our key focus as a company is the actual implementation and support of your solution. Our goal is to help you fully deploy your products and make them work for you. 

We have made it our goal to build a UDC Team that includes the most experienced individuals with proven skills in each aspect of implementation including some of the best developers in the industry.

Esri ArcGIS Server and Schneider ArcFM Configuration & Deployment

UDC has extensive application development expertise in deploying and developing electric and gas solutions on the Esri ArcGIS Server and Schneider ArcFM product platforms, as well as making those systems perform to their full capabilities in utility environments. Our implementation experience also includes large utilities where scalability and the solution's business continuity SLAs are key factors.

Esri Products & Capabilities, ArcGIS Server Development Related Technologies

UDC develops RESTful enterprise GIS applications around the ArcGIS Server technology using these related software technologies:

  • ArcGIS Server (9 – 10.3)
  • SOAP/REST Services
  • JavaScript/HTML
  • Backbone.js
  • Marinonette.js 
  • .NET web API
  • NHibernate 
  • C#.Net  ArcObjects SDK (9 – 10.3)
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC
  • WCF
  • Flex
  • Silverlight
  • WPF
  • ArcIMS
  • ArcXML

Schneider Products and Capabilities

UDC configures and extends the functionality of Schneider Electric’s ArcFM and ArcFM Designer with the following technologies:

  • ArcFM  (9 – 10.2.1)
  • ArcFM Designer
  • ArcFM UFM
  • Feeder Manager 1 & 2
  • GDBM
  • ArcFM Mobile
  • Responder
  • ArcGIS Desktop (9 -10.2.1)
  • Esri Linear Referencing / Esri Geometric Network data model
  • VB-script
  • WPF
  • C#.Net ArcObjects SDK

Related RDBMS & Software Development Tool Capabilities

  • Oracle 12c, 11g, 10g Sqlplus, Enterprise Manager, Oracle Spatial, PL/SQL, Toad
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005-2012,  SQL Server Manager, SQL Query Analyzer , SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Integration Services, Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server Dashboard Designer, SharePoint, Transact SQL
  • DB2 v9 DB2 console, IBM Data Studio , CLI trace
  • Informix 11 dbaccess, IBM Data Studio
  • PostgreSQL (with PostGIS)
  • MySQL
  • Sybase, T-SQL
  • Crystal Reports
  • SQL Anywhere
  • IDMS
  • VSAM

  • Esri Mobile Runtime SDK (10.2.3-10.2.6
  • Microsoft Visual Studio: .Net, C#, VBA, VB.NET
  • Objective-C
  • Eclipse C, C++
  • Microsoft Visual Source Safe and Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Subversion (SVN)
  • PVCS
  • Borland StarTeam
  • IBM Rational ClearQuest
  • HP Quality Center
  • Python IDLE
  • Perl
  • Safe Software Feature Manipulation Engine (FME)
  • ASP, ASP.Net
  • Actionscript

Esri Upgrades

We can help you with upgrading Esri. We have successfully accomplished a number of significant updates for our utility clients both large and small. We have the capability to successfully work with significant customization and integration.

Migration to Esri

UDC offers a full set of services to help you with a migration of your data and system to Esri. We have performed Intergraph and GE Smallworld for other utilities and bring considerable experience and the comprehensive skills to assist in all aspects of the migration including data, applications and integrations.

Custom Utility Applications

A sample list of enhanced GIS application functionality that we have provided to our utility clients in addition to the ArcFM based data maintenance and network management functionality include:


  • Cathodic Protection Generation of Circuits
  • CP Survey Management of CP Circuits and CP Areas
  • Inspection & Maintenance of valves, regulators, meters 
  • Standard Operating Procedure Compliance Reporting 
  • Leak Survey Management 
  • Line Patrol Management 
  • HP Services Survey
  • Meter CP Survey
  • Leak Survey Area Summaries – target footages and services per management area
  • Leak Tracking/Mitigation
  • Isolation – key valve lists, pinch points, customer re-light lists, clearances
  • Depth of Cover
  • One Call Locate
  • Planning Case Study Management
  • GSR Search
  • Work Order Search
  • MAOP Calculator
  • Materials Traceability
  • Asset Management – spatially enabled BI
  • Operational Awareness – spatially enabled BI


  • Circuit Trace
  • Circuit Reconfiguration (summer/winter)
  • Pole Inspections – at PLA level of granularity
  • Device Inspections 
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Circuit Patrols
  • Streetlight Management 
  • Vegetation Management
  • Interruption Reliability Reporting
  • Joint Use Management
  • TLM
  • Utilization Trace
  • DG Connection Application
  • Outage Awareness/Storm Management – spatially enabled BI


  • Right of Way (ROW) Management
  • Property Tax Reporting
  • Environmental Compliance Reporting
  • Geocode Webservice
  • GPSreceive Webservice
  • Crew Availability
  • Compliance Crew Breadcrumbing
  • Integrated field component: mGIS, MWM, CMS
  • Street Level Routing
  • CAPEX Risk Based Visualization – Spatially Enabled BI
  • CAD export
  • Web Browser – HTML5/Javascript

UDC has more utility project-related experience in enhanced and custom applications than any other firm. We have the experience in deploying and developing these products in larger utilities where performance, scalability and high availability business continuity SLAs are major factors in deployment. Not only does this include custom solutions but also proven methods on configuring existing solutions from Esri and Schneider products for user functionality, and from CISCO and Oracle for highly available, multiple data centers deployment environments.

UDC Implementation Methodology

The UDC team has the management and development methodologies, as well as the rigor to deliver our development project on your schedule and budget with predictable results. We believe this is one of our largest differentiators between UDC and our competitors. UDC planning and deployment strategy is shared with every customer so communication channels remain open throughout the process.

Proven Project Approach

  • Develop Requirements:
    • Data Migration Mapping Requirements
    • ArcFM Configuration Requirements, Symbology Requirements
  • Develop Data Model
  • Execute Data Migration Pilot Following UDC’s DLM Methodology
  • Execute Production Data Migration Following UDC’s DLM Methodology
  • Develop Application Design
  • Develop Interface Design Specifications Per Pair of Systems 
  • Develop and Unit Test Product Configurations/Customizations, Applications, and Interface Software
  • Support Integration Testing
  • Support System Acceptance Testing
  • Support Performance Testing
  • Support Performance Tuning
  • Perform Technical Knowledge Transfer

Performance Tuning and Database Management

Our range of expertise in the area of deployment includes team members with extensive experience performance monitoring and tuning the system and data for optimal performance. UDC has developed two test harnesses: one for the ArcFM/ArcMap desktop suite of applications based on Esri’s PerfQA technology and one for the enterprise GIS ArcGIS server suite of applications based on Fiddler. This allows UDC to maximize the most efficient and effective solution. UDC has accomplished Database Managers to assist with the administration of your system.