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UDC provides a full range of strategic consulting for electric and gas utilities in conjunction with deploying spatially-based integrated asset management solutions. The basis of our Consulting expertise is based on our extensive implementation experience and our understanding of the underlying data. Our hands on experience distinguishes us from those who do strategy consulting and helps ensure a practical plan with no surprises. Our understanding and experience with utility data helps ensure a viable solution. Getting the data right in planning a solution is also the foundation of success. Data as part of the solution, is typically not well understood and receives less attention than it should, resulting in rework and overruns later. UDC’s differentiator in our consulting services is our capability to get the data part done correctly, starting with the consulting.

Solutions provided for by our consulting include:

  • Integrated GIS and back office for Electric Distribution
  • Integrated GIS for back office for Gas Distribution
  • Integrated GIS and back office for Gas Transmission
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Smart grid readiness and integration with the back office and control room
  • Spatial Analytics and Business Intelligence for:
    • Asset compliance planning, monitoring and reporting
    • Asset management
    • Operational/Outage Communications/DMS

Specific Consulting offerings include:

Solution Architecture

UDC has distinguished talent and experience on our team to provide top notch solution architecture consulting to our utility clients. The UDC team members have provided the solution architecture in industry-leading gas and utility projects such as Hydro One’s Distribution Modernization Project, the BC Hydro and British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC) Smart Grid Project, Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E’s) Electric Distribution Project, PG&E’s Pathfinder Gas Distribution Project, PG&E’s Mariner, FAK, TIMP Gas Transmission Project, Sempra Energy’s Gas Distribution Projects and others. These are leading projects who are investing in industry-wide exploration and experimentation. We are able to leverage the peer utility learning and best practices learned in the implementation of these projects to your utility.

UDC also has electric and gas reference architectures that reflect the industry learning on solutions for electric and gas. The reference architectures include complete solutions for end-to-end business processes, the required technology stack and the high-value data integrations for the following problem domains: energy delivery and resource planning, pipeline integrity and advanced distribution grid management. The reference architectures can be used to quickly gap each individual utility against the industry and provides a tool to keep in synch with industry practices. the overall value of the reference architecture is it provides a way to map the individual utility to industry practices and provides a tool to keep in synch with the learning and investment of other utilities.

Project Road Mapping

UDC has extensive experience in assisting our clients in developing a solution road map that fits the particular needs of each of our clients. We team with our clients and help them to define the specifics of their particular solution and how that will unfold with an implementation plan, schedule and budget. The Road Map defines all costs and resources and detailed milestones. Our UDC team has had extensive experience with Road Mapping and producing detailed plans fitting each client. Our Road Maps have a proven track record of being funded and implemented.

Business Case Evaluation

The UDC Team has extensive experience in helping our clients take a good look at the business value and business benefits associated with various solutions. Typically, we approach this task looking to build a detailed model of the implementation and relating that investment to specific client benefits and the timing of those benefits.

The UDC Team has also collected information from other utilities in respect to benefits across the industry in relation to asset-based investments. We use this knowledge at a higher level to provide guidance for a high-level assessment and comparison to other utilities.

Our business case models and work have endured the scrutiny of utility financial officers and senior executive leadership and resulted in the funding of many investments. We think we can effectively communicate and work across the organization, at all levels, to help you with the financial scrutiny of your asset management investments.

Project Specifications and Vendor Selection & Management

Our team has extensive experience in assisting utilities with vendor selection and preparing specifications and RFPs related to system acquisition and implementation. We also have helped with the technical management and supervision of vendor-led implementation efforts.

We have vendor selection models that we can customize specifically for our customers. These models provide documentation and a clear traceability to specifications and bidder offerings. We also can assist you with creating relevant benchmark and demonstration scripts that relate specific needs to product offerings.