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Data Maintenance & Program Support

UDC provides tools to establish baseline quality of data and to monitor and measure quality of data once the utility’s design and as-built processes are maintaining the data. We understand from our experience with data in the utility asset management lifecycle that keeping the data up-to-date is key to its value.

In our experience, building the solution often gets the majority of the attention; and often after the initial build-out it is difficult for utilities to maintain their data with the currency required. While each utility should be able to maintain its data and this is the preferred approach, in reality most utilities can use some help or extra hands at various times to maintain that data over time. With applications like DMS and Pipeline integrity requiring near real-time updates, data latency is more important than ever. For early GIS adopters, we are experienced with the issues around inaccurate land bases and can manage the data migration/data conflation process required to move all facility locations to be based on the newer land base sources available.

UDC can assist you with data update projects or even continuous updates to your data as part of an ongoing partnership. We augment this capability with our field services if needed. We are glad to discuss your needs in this area and help you plan for some assistance.