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Field Services

Pole inspection

Knowledgable, experienced data collection

UDC combines unique skillsets and foundational knowledge which differentiates us in the field services industry. Our foundation and approach to field collection is based on our understanding of the data and the integrated systems utilizing this data including GIS and its integrations. This data-centric approach differentiates us from competitors who focus on vegetation management services or wood preservation. Our process leverages the latest data check-in methodologies and therefore, we are in full alignment with your internal work process and fit in seamlessly with the current work management process. We also use modern up-to-date Esri-based field tools that we have built and customized for each assignment to ensure that our clients’ field data is fully validated to provide the required functionality and quality required and can be successfully integrated with clients’ IT initiatives.

UDC provides a complete program of field inventory and inspection services: