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Staff Augmentation

UDC understands that during certain projects or at various times, utilities need to add highly experienced professionals to assist them in reaching project goals and they can’t hire or won’t need these skills in the long term. Because it helps utilities manage their lifecycle and meet their goals, UDC will provide skilled teams to join our clients’ teams for a period of time. UDC can provide experienced professionals in the following areas for Electric and Gas spatially-based asset management projects:

  • Solution Architect
  • Project Software Engineer or Lead Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Business Analysts
  • Testing Resources
  • Data Base Administration and Performance Tuning
  • Data Conversion or Migration Staff
  • Project Management

UDC has extensive experience fielding a whole team to assist you with project execution as well as providing key staff at various time periods.

Our staff resources are all experienced individuals with similar project expertise who are used to working together. We can ramp up quickly and we have experience and peer utility learning to bring to your project.

We assist with the administration of this team while you provide the direction required for your project.

Together, UDC and its clients have the knowledge and know-how to implement successful, real, solutions that both address today’s needs, while providing the foundations to address tomorrow’s requirements. Impacting on today’s problems, while providing foundational solutions for the future is what gets us and our clients fired up each day!