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Based on years of experience and “hands on” expertise that has evolved from our partnerships with our clients, UDC is able to provide our customers with a number of enabling solutions. We are able to provide a full range of capabilities to design, develop, deploy, and integrate these solutions into your utility. We believe the capability to provide a full solution makes UDC a good partner and provides a single point of contact, communication and control for our clients.

For each of the solutions we provide, we have evolved a Solution Reference Model that is based on our experience and reflects the learning of other utilities. The Reference Model maps the architecture of the overall solution in terms of technology and business processes. The Reference Model provides the opportunity for our clients to leverage the learning and investments of peer utilities as opposed to starting from scratch. We believe this is a difference in our approach that brings value immediately to our clients a strong efficient start versus a “start from beginning” consulting project. We believe the reference model provides a quick focus, effective use of your time and the capability for your team to understand the business benefits associated with each component of the solution. We can also overlay the Solution Reference Model to your utility and understand the differences or gaps that exist in terms of the overall solution. Being able to quickly focus on the gaps and comparing your needs against those gaps, enables us to help you determine if we need to address those gaps and how we would specifically address those gaps in terms of an action plan and business process.

Our experience with each of the Solution offerings is based on extensive “hands on” learning in customer environments and is based on the actual experience of implementing these solutions successfully. We believe this implementation experience is a differentiator for UDC and makes us a much better partner than other companies who sell strategy or consulting but lack the actual experience or in-house expertise associated with building these solutions.

Another Differentiator is that UDC has as employees the Solution leadership that has provided the leadership, architecture and day-to-day guidance for many Gas and Electric solutions including many of the projects that can be considered leading edge and we can bring this experience to your project.

Solutions offered by UDC are the following:

  • Integrated GIS for Electric Distribution
  • Integrated GIS for Electric Transmission
  • Integrated GIS for Gas Distribution
  • Integrated GIS for Gas Transmission
  • Pipeline Integrity for Gas Transmission
  • Smart Grid Readiness and integration with the back office and control room
  • Spatial Analytics for:
    • Asset compliance, planning, reporting, monitoring
    • Asset Management
    • Operational, outage and enhanced outage communications
    • Engineering Design and GIS integration.