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Digital Utility® - What is it?

The Digital Utility® provides a wide variety of tools, applications and solutions to our Electric and Gas customers who are in the process of building and enhancing their GIS. The Digital Utility® is focused upon sharing with our clients the additional functionality we have developed in a broad range of utility clients.

The Digital Utility® delivers extended capabilities to our clients to address solution needs using Esri GIS and Schneider Arc FM. Our goal is to provide specific capabilities in addition to what these products offer so that each client does not have to build these same capabilities over and over. Digital Utility® provides a foundation that can be tailored to your needs without starting each time from scratch.

Tools and Solutions Enhancing your GIS

The Digital Utility® consists of two components:

  • Foundational Tool Box - contains tools and applications that offer capabilities that can be customized and enhanced for each client to leverage our knowledge and experience for efficiency, effectiveness, and quick timeframes for our clients. UDC provides our tools at no cost when engaged as part of a services agreement.

    The Digital Utility® foundational tools and applications fall within four Toolset categories…

    ArcGIS Desktop and ArcFM Configuration & Application

    This Toolset contains several jumpstart tools to improve management and user experience.

    GIS & Database Performance Enhancements

    Identify and implement performance improvements easily with our tools and services.

    Integration Framework

    Use existing templates and ETL tools to leverage existing integration points for rapid implementation and deployment.

    Data Lifecycle Management Tools

    This Toolset includes templates and programs to support your data management during any phase of its lifecycle.

    Featured tools and applications from the Digital Utility® – Toolsets include Circuit Analysis Extension which supports visualization of circuit configuration.

    Circuit Analysis Extension

  • Solutions – These are specific solution sets that UDC has assembled primarily because we did not see these applications being offered in the industry, and we saw a need for solution frameworks to share with our clients. Gas Compliance Manager® and Electric Compliance Manager®, for example, are the first of our newly developed Framework Solutions. They provide an enterprise grade Esri ArcGIS application that can be configured for each of the compliance survey and inspection programs to assign, and report with analytics, on the complete compliance inspection cycle including reporting. Both meet all of the compliance requirements required of utilities.

    The Dynamic Operations Dashboard is an Esri based application that enables utilities to easily correlate, visualize and bring together data from multiple systems providing real-time data visualization of utility operational performance for maximum effectiveness. The Digital Utility® Dynamic Operations Dashboard is applicable for multiple use case applications including:

    • Enhanced Outage Management for Utilities
    • Feeder Management
    • Emergency Preparedness Planning
    • Customer Outage Communications
    • Crew Availability
    • Work Order Status

    The Digital Utility® solutions framework supports integration with the utility’s scheduling and dispatching systems including Outage, SCADA historian, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management, Workforce Management Systems and their mobile devices.

The Digital Utility® is a framework that we will provide to our clients free of charge. We will provide a perpetual license to your utility for the use of software. We are a service business and our interest is in delivering the services to help setup the applications or any integrations for your utility. After the initial configuration, the software will remain with you and can be configured by your utility. It is yours to work with as you choose. We will be there to help if you should need help.

Digital Utility® - How do I get it?

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