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Integrity Management, Mapper, Field Supervisor, Field

Units of Work: Map Grid, CP Circuits, CP Areas, Streets, Services, Regulator Station, Pressure System, Ranges, Operating Area, Transmission Line, <user defined>

UDC assists Digital Utility™ users to define schedules for each PM Program within Gas Compliance Manager™. The application then automatically creates events based on all defined PM Programs. Assets are added and removed from the GIS and associated PM Programs during the As-Built process.

Users can visualize all PM Programs or events through their corresponding module as well as filter and sort detailed events.

Create Work - Digital Utility™ automatically creates the work areas using the polygons defined and creates inspection or survey events for the activities and facilities identified. Once created, if due within 30 days or overdue, work is visible on the event management module.

Visualize PM Programs or events

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