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Digital Utility® Toolsets: Circuit Analysis Extension

UDC’s Circuit Analysis Extension from the Digital Utility® Toolsets supports visualizing modern circuit configurations including:

  • Radial
  • Secondary Grids or Mesh Networks
  • Looped
  • Spot
  • Multiple DGs back feeding onto the circuit 

Interactive graphic feedback

UDC’s tool provides editors of the network with interactive graphic feedback of edits as they are made. UDC can also enhance the tool to provide additional QA/QC checks that follow a company’s power engineering rules to ensure downstream systems such as OMS, DMS and distribution planning systems have high quality circuits coming to them.

Multi-application functionality

This tool is executable within ArcFM desktop, ArcMap desktop, batch, a connected field user and a Portal/web user since it is a Geoprocessing service. This allows UDC to build user category specific tracing applications to support our clients’ needs in the office and in the field.

Depth/Breadth first tracing  

UDC’s Circuit Analysis Extension supports both ‘Depth first’ and ‘Breadth first’ type of tracing. Depth first is sufficient for performing customer counts downstream and inventory of facilities on a circuit. Breadth first is typically needed to show the relative ordering of protective devices downstream from the circuit breaker.