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A Different Kind of Rodeo

UDC shares an inside glimpse of the 2016 International Lineman’s Rodeo…

The 33rd Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo was held on Saturday, October 15th, 2016 in Bonner Springs, Kansas and was sponsored by UDC’s client, Kansas City Power & Light. UDC was pleased to be represented by Field Manager Donnie Miles who volunteered as a greeter for the event. The International Lineman’s Rodeo is largely dependent on the good will and hard work of its volunteers to produce this fantastic industry competition. Donnie had a great time and snapped several photos of the day.

The International Lineman’s Rodeo is a free event held each year that draws the best linemen from around the world. Journeyman teams and Apprentices represent Investor-Owned Utilities, EMC, REA and REC, Municipalities and Contractors. Special division designations include Senior and Military for teams consisting of all senior Journeymen (45 years or older) or members currently serving in a branch of the Military.

Beginning in 1984 with twelve participating teams from Kansas and Missouri, the Lineman’s Rodeo is now an international event that has grown to over 200 teams and 250 apprentices representing 115 different companies. The Rodeo’s key focus is on promoting safety while it serves as a public forum for recognizing the technical skill and craft of the linework trade.

Participants and spectators alike are entertained by the Rodeo’s midair competitions. Events like the 40-ft ‘Pole Climb’, where a lineman climbs a pole with an egg in a bucket, transfers the bucket to a J hook and climbs down with the egg in his mouth, and ‘Hurtman Rescue’, where teams of three work together to safely lower an injured lineman from the top transformer bracket, provide opportunities for linemen to hone their skills and share their knowledge while having fun.

For results and more photos from this year’s competition, we invite you to visit the International Lineman’s Rodeo website.