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Thank You for Your Service

UDC would like to express thanks and our commitment to hiring military veterans. In response to a recent UDC company update, employee Ginger Jane Hammack working out of our California project office offered a welcome to Mike Briggs our new project manager in Denver, Colorado.

Ginger Hammack in front of a helicopter

UDC’s Ginger Jane Hammak - photo from aircraft carrier flight deck in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

“A warm welcome to Mr. Briggs, I read that he was an F-16 Pilot and wondered if he may have flown at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona? I operated eighteen-wheeler tanker trucks, fueling all the fighter jets, hot pit & cold pit refuel of all aircraft before my Civilian Deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Thanks for your service Mr. Briggs and welcome to UDC!” 

Following Ginger’s example, UDC would like to thank our military veterans especially those within our organization. We thank each of you for your contributions and service to our Country. We are proud to have you on our team!

UDC is committed to offering opportunities for military veterans in all areas of our company. Veterans bring valuable experience to the workplace and demonstrate qualities of integrity, leadership, teamwork and attention to detail. 

We asked Mike Briggs, former member of the U.S. Air Force, to share his insight on why companies should give more focus to hiring veterans to join their organization.

Mike at a desk during his military service

Mike Briggs, UDC Project Manager

Mike cites that veterans offer a different perspective on problem solving for an organization. “We are attuned to assessing the dynamics of an organization understanding where one fits in and how to evaluate the resources around us to successfully accomplish a task. In the military, you learn and rely on mental agility - having the ability to switch gears quickly without becoming overwhelmed. Given a timeline, people and a mission, veterans can be expected to determine project needs and consider and make use of all resources available to efficiently and effectively execute with a no fail mentality.”

Military veterans are conditioned in strategic coordination and team building aiding them to readily perform in almost any situation. Mike reflects on how often in the military you are given a task that lies outside your comfort zone or that you may have no direct knowledge of at the time, but you are expected to successfully complete the task meeting an urgent deadline. “One of the projects assigned to myself and two other pilots while I was stationed in Hawaii was to write instruction on the cyber defense of our Pacific Network – a subject I had never been involved with before. We were given a week to find and work with knowledgeable people on networking and cyber-attacks and leverage that information in conjunction with our tactical planning skills to determine how to protect our network both physically and from a cyber standpoint. We were also tasked with providing a contingency plan to be followed in the event the network was compromised, and we delivered.”

Whether a former officer who is a trained leader, thinker and problem solver, or a member of the troops who is task and goal oriented, veterans offer the people skills, work ethic and discipline desired in a variety of positions across many businesses and industries.

For these reasons and more, UDC is an active employer of military veterans. The diversity of experience and perspective that veterans provide are valued assets contributing to the success of our company and client projects.

“The major benefit to a company and HR when hiring veterans is the reduced risk of failure,” Mike adds, “as long as the personality is a fit and the individual is motivated, the potential of that employee being a successful and productive addition to your team is very high.” 

We thoroughly agree and are proudly committed to providing a place for veterans within our organization.