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UDC Partnership for Esri’s Utility Network

Esri Network Utility Model

UDC has been actively engaged as an Alpha/Beta Esri partner in respect to releases of the Utility Network model. We are excited about the recent Esri announcement that the production release of the Utility Network is coming in Q4 of 2017. UDC believes the Utility Network Model will greatly enhance the capabilities of our Utility clients in terms of capability and performance.

UDC is engaged with our clients who are evolving to the Utility Network model. One of our UDC team members is currently serving as the lead system architect working with a team on the SCANA Energy Gas Pilot Project. The SCANA Project has set up the project’s laboratory to facilitate the evolution to the Network Model, designed the system architecture and is migrating the existing transmission and distribution gas data from both Esri APDM and GE environments to the UPDM/APR model. This effort is to support linear referencing for the gas transmission data. UDC is also redesigning most of the current suite of integrations to take advantage of the new services approach of the Network Model. The main goal is to get ready to move to the Utility Network model when it is released and to be in alignment with Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise architecture.  

UDC is also participating in the SoCalGas migration of their gas high pressure (HP) data from their current APDM environment to the Esri UPDM model. UDC is responsible for building two-way integration with DNV GL for DOT Class and HCA updates and TIMP analysis.

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