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UDC Showcases Digital Utility® – Compliance Manager at the 2017 Esri UC

Stop in our booth #710 to see our Esri based Gas and Electric compliance management software tools.

UDC is revving up for the 2017 Esri UC in San Diego next month where we will be showcasing our Digital Utility® – Gas and Electric Compliance Manager™ framework solutions. Both the Gas and Electric compliance applications run on the current ArcGIS Enterprise and are compatible with older ArcGIS Server versions back to 10.3. The framework has been designed to be data model agnostic and to be easily ported to Esri’s Network Management data model when it is released.

UDC’s compliance framework is an Esri ArcGIS Enterprise based visual software tool that facilitates every aspect of planned work for all compliance / inspection programs including field collection. We believe combining everything (planning, scheduling, to field and back and reporting) in one tool is unique in the market because it also includes visualization, reporting and analytics capabilities. Our framework comes with web services to integrate with our clients’ EAM and MWM applications they currently may be using to perform their planned work.

Within Gas Compliance Manager™, we will be running demonstrations of Leak Survey, CP Survey and Valve Inspections to expand on these specific capabilities provided to users. From the Electric standpoint, UDC will focus on Compliance Manager’s capabilities for addressing the Public Utilities Commission for the State of California, Rules for Construction and Maintenance of Overhead and Underground Electric Supply and Communications Systems, specifically GO 95, 128, 165 and 174 regulation compliance management and reporting.

Visitors to the Esri UC can stop in our booth #710 to learn more about the Digital Utility® – Gas and Electric Compliance Manager™ framework solutions or to schedule a time to talk, you may contact Bart Elliott.