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Digital Utility® Becomes an Official Registered Trademark of UDC

UDC is pleased to announce that Digital Utility® has become a registered trademark of our company with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Digital Utility® framework, and its suite of solutions, are recognized as uniquely innovative within the Utility Industry. Granting of registration for our enterprise grade Esri ArcGIS applications GIS based framework distinguishes UDC and our clients as industry leaders supporting digital transformation.

UDC’s Digital Utility® is providing utilities with unique and productive solutions aimed at filling the unmatched needs of our clients. UDC has developed Digital Utility® Solutions for gas and electric compliance, planned and preventative work including surveys, and dynamic operations dashboards offering operational effectiveness including outage, incident management, crew tracking and power operations and reliability. The Digital Utility® is built on enterprise grade Esri ArcGIS applications and is structured for integration with the existing system investments of our clients including Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management, Mobile Work Management, SCADA historian and Outage.

The most recent solution introduced within the Digital Utility® suite, UDC’s Dynamic Operations Dashboard, offers secure internal and external facing outage and restoration views for both utility management and their customers. In addition, the Dynamic Operations Dashboard for enhanced outage management enables electric utilities to create and manage components of named storm events. Operations managers can easily review any outage or storm event using the historical playback and pause capabilities of the dashboard’s time-slider widget.

The Digital Utility® - Gas and Electric Compliance Manager® Solutions support visually planning, creating, monitoring and reporting on all planned work including surveys and inspections, planned maintenance and resulting preventative maintenance. The Digital Utility® framework has built-in integrations for the utility’s scheduling and dispatching systems including EAM/WMS and their mobile devices. 

UDC is preparing for the rollout of feeder management and Emergency Preparedness Planning solutions. These, and all of the Digital Utility® Solutions, are provided to UDC’s gas and electric utility clients in conjunction with our project and program lifecycle services. For more information on our registered software framework, or to request demonstration of a specific solution, contact UDC’s Bart Elliott today.