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PG&E Implements UDC’s Digital Utility® - Gas Compliance Manager™ for CP Survey

UDC is pleased to announce that Pacific Gas and Electric is implementing our Digital Utility® - Gas Compliance Manager™ Solution at their utility for use in Cathodic Protection Survey. UDC’s enterprise grade, Esri ArcGIS applications GIS based framework supports visually planning, creating, monitoring and reporting of all the utility’s planned work including survey, inspection, planned and preventative maintenance and compliance work such as:

  • Leak Surveys (including Aerial and Driving)
  • Leak Rechecks
  • CP Surveys
  • Meter Set Assembly Surveys
  • Line Patrols
  • Risk Management related surveys
  • Valve inspections and more

PG&E serves a 70,000-square mile area of about 15 million people in Northern California and is headquartered in San Francisco. By employing the Gas Compliance Manager™ Solution, PG&E will be able to take advantage of built in integrations to send all created CP Survey work to the utility’s scheduling and dispatching system(s) and mobile work management system to track status of all events generated. This integration, in turn, allows the Digital Utility® - Gas Compliance Manager™ reporting module to provide highly visual status reporting, compliance reporting and daily operational reporting to PG&E increasing efficiency and ease of their compliance audit preparation.

For more information on the Digital Utility® - Gas Compliance Manager™ Solution, contact Bart Elliott.