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Project Profiles

The following provides a sample of some of UDC’s current projects as well as historic projects:

UDC has also done work for the following clients

  • AEP: Electric Facility Phasing and GIS

  • KCP&L: Electric Field Inventory, Asset Assessment, Customer Ties

  • El Paso Electric: Electric Distribution Field Inventory and GIS Implementaion

  • Imperial: Electric GIS Implementation, Field Inventory, GIS System Implementation, Program Management

  • KCP&L: Electric Field Inventory, Asset Condition Assessment, GPS Customer Ties, Google Inventory Fiber Audit, Underground Asssessment

  • Manitoba Hydro: Electric Field Inventory

  • NiSource: Electric and Gas System Implementation Data Conversion and Migration

  • NorthWestern: Data Augmentation

  • City of Pasadena: System Architecture, Electric Data Conversion, Field Work Order Posting, Applications Development

  • Puget Sound Energy: Electric Field Inventory and Outage Management

  • Sempra: GIS Deployment for Electric and Gas

  • SCE: Pilot Project: Electric Field Verification and Ties

  • UI: Electric Field Inventory

  • Verizon: Fiber Optic Field Inventory