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City of Pasadena

GIS to OMS Implementation

City of Pasadena GIS to OMS UDC Project Profile

UDC oversaw the City of Pasadena and their Outage Management System vendor to perform a GAP analysis altering the GIS Schema to feed the OMS model which would service the City’s 70,000 customers. UDC was asked to assist in overseeing the transfer of GIS data to the OMS to ensure customer information was tied directly to accounts for accurate outage management. The GIS to OMS project was the first implementation of its kind for the City of Pasadena.

Specific objectives included:

  1. Feed the OMS with current, complete, and accurate GIS data on schedule or as requested
  2. Connect approx. 16,000 unknown customers to transformer tie within the system
  3. Have the ability to apply edits to the GIS within 48 hours of being energized in the field

Performing the implementation provided several key benefits to the City of Pasadena both at the outage management and customer service levels. The ability to visualize actual outage information increased efficiency and responsivity by the City’s Power and Water Department. Accuracy of the data increased their ability to communicate quickly and effectively with customers regarding planned or unplanned system outages.

Working closely with the OMS vendor to engineer the optimal solution, UDC utilized specific GIS experience in understanding the flexibility of the data model aiding in the smooth and timely translation of the GIS configuration to the OMS mode and operations. Intimate knowledge of the City of Pasadena - Power and Water Department business process was leveraged assisting the transition.

UDC provided GAP analysis, recommendations and the testing plan and process for the GIS to OMS data transfer. Pivotal to streamlining the process, UDC built an automated tool in ArcGIS for comparing the City’s GIS data to its customer information system to ensure accuracy and transformer ties.