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PG&E Corporation

CP Riser Identification Project

UDC aided PG&E’s Distribution Integrity Management Program regarding identification of corrosion protected service risers. The project involved reviewing scans of gas service cards to capture a number of key attributes outlined by PG&E in order to determine whether the service riser at the service location is in compliance or out of compliance requiring either removal or extra cathodic protection. 

To meet current regulations, PG&E needed to determine which service risers were not in compliance and remediate as needed.

Multiple service card images were reviewed and analyzed for over 692,000 service locations across the entire PG&E gas service territory. Fifteen to twenty service card data fields and supplemental sketches were examined and analyzed to capture 4 key GIS attributes. The GIS attribution captured in turn determines whether the riser is compliant or not.

UDC managed one offshore vendor to perform the service card review and data capture. A total team of 125 offshore technicians was used. Four onshore UDC staff provided DAT Data Acceptance Testing. UDC’s domestic team also performed offshore vendor training and support, project specification updating and managed data delivery to PG&E.

In addition to Data Management services, UDC provided the gas expertise required to read and understand multiple service card styles, formats and gas service specifications including riser types and components to successfully perform the CP Riser Identification project. UDC ArcFM software technicians applied their knowledge in manipulating the GIS database to provided attribute insertion points to assist PG&E uplift the newly captured data into the GIS system.

Services Employed:

[Data Management, Program Support]