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Ground Mounted Equipment (GME) Field Inspection and Maintenance Project

WE-Energies is the trade name of Wisconsin Electric Power Co. and Wisconsin Gas LLC, principal utility subsidiaries of Wisconsin Energy Corporation which provides gas and electric power throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. UDC partnered with WE-Energies to inspect and perform routine maintenance on their GME Equipment. This includes work performed on transformers, pedestals, junction boxes and switch fuses. Additionally, UDC is working with WE-Energies and performing Internal inspections of their GME transformers. This work requires UDC to open the lids of the transformers, take pictures, and record information from the Manufacturer tag located inside the unit. We are also responsible for recording the unit’s distance from a waterway at assist in determining the environmental impact of the unit should it fail to operate properly. The goal of this project is to ensure the safety and reliability of WE-Energies equipment in the field.  

Services Employed:

[Field Collection/Data Verification]