GIS Extract to Synergi for Advanced Network Analysis

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In gas distribution and transmission networks, advanced analysis is required for decision support to attain optimal operational efficiency. Synergi Gas software assists with daily operating decision-making for load approval and operational support, size main extensions, replacements for economy, and performance. Additionally, the software reinforces long-term strategic plans that maximize your utility’s existing gas network infrastructure. 

Feeding GIS Data to Synergi – Process, Solution Overview, Benefits

To help our client transform its GIS data into a Synergi compatible format, UDC developed an extraction tool that utilizes the network trace information from the ArcGIS Utility Network to feed into Synergi – leading to reduced model building and analysis efforts. Data in the GIS must satisfy various validations which ensure its quality and accuracy. By improving our client’s Synergi process they can now provide data-based recommendations more effectively and efficiently with the most current and comprehensive source – the GIS.

Addressing your asset data holistically enables your utility to leverage its GIS investment for other business initiatives and applications, resulting in improved operational and management tools throughout the company. 

Connect with UDC to learn how your GIS investment can be extended organization-wide for improved capabilities, efficiencies, and data quality. 

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9 years at UDC / 10 years in GIS

Theresa Schuenke

As Technical Writer III for UDC, Theresa is responsible for creating customer facing materials related to operational solutions and GIS services with an emphasis on systems integration.

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