Gas Outage Management within Utility Network: Trace Solution

Operations Center

Modern gas utilities are implementing automated processes to manage gas outages and restorations more efficiently. UDC’s Trace solution enables managers to automatically trace, save, and share customized gas outage information throughout the organization and with regulatory agencies. The outage trace results can be exported for consumption by other GIS maps and work management systems for seamless outage management.

AVANGRID’s Utility Network Trace Solution

To semi-automate and streamline AVANGRID’s gas outage assignment process, UDC developed a trace solution that leverages Esri’s GIS trace tools in the ArcGIS Utility Network to create a custom outage trace summary. Running the trace solution, AVANGRID can easily isolate and identify its customers impacted by an outage event in a list, export that list to facilitate the creation and assigning of restoration work to field crews directly from SAP, and generate shareable documents and maps for accurate regulatory reporting.

UDC Project Manager, Dax Wolfinger, provides an overview and live demo of the AVANGRID Utility Network Trace solution.

The solution has helped AVANGRID significantly improve the management and coordination of its field crews during outage events and is aiding the utility in meeting regulatory compliance.

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