Outage Communications: Current State

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When an unplanned outage occurs, its effect is experienced across the organization. From inception of your operational response, stakeholders from across the organization including customer support and executives need to be made aware of the situation and kept informed.

For some utilities, standardized processes around outage communication are still manually driven and there is a need for centralized information to get everyone across the business on the same page. Customer communications may or may not be supported within an external facing website.

Effective outage management requires your operations team to be focused on the issues at hand. There is little time for manually assembling and distributing outage information or shifting between multiple systems to get full understanding on crew tracking, outage extent, restoration progress as well as updating various members of the organization outside the operations team.

Enhanced Outage Communications for Utilities

UDC’s Digital Utility Outage Communications Solution for Grid allows operations to manage outages and communication internally with their team, and also provides the automated external communication capabilities needed to help you stay focused on your main objective – resolving your outage.

Internal Dashboard Views

Customer outage and restoration

  • Number of active outages / number of customers out
  • Number of outages restored / number of customers restored
  • Management of estimated time to restore per outage event

Safety, emergency planning and preparedness

  • Crew locations and time to make safe
  • Outage boundaries
  • Hazardous outages view – fire, line down, etc.
  • Crew resources and availability
  • Emergency Planning & Preparedness (EPP) playback loop support

External Dashboard View

DyAN™ incorporates a customer facing component for transparent outage management and reporting. Reporting capabilities include:

  • Number of active outages / number of customers out by municipal boundary including:
    • townships
    • zip codes
    • neighborhoods
    • city
    • address
  • Estimated time to restore within the external facing boundary
  • Amount of crew time spent within each municipal boundary

DyAN™ Dashboard Tour Video

See the enhanced outage management and communications capabilities of the DyAN™ dashboard in this 15-minute video tour.

Digital Utility® Solution: Outage Communications


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