Digital Utility Solution: Vegetation Management

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A Single Tool for Your Utility, Foresters, and Tree Crews

Centralize your processes and systems to holistically manage the veg management lifecycle. UDC’s Vegetation Management Solution digitally and spatially supports accurate, timely regulatory compliance reporting.

Solution Summary: Vegetation Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager is the configurable software component of our Digital Utility Vegetation Management solution. Your investment supplies the infrastructure for your entire utility enterprise, providing management for your Veg Program as well as a leverageable base for your current and future utility programs.

Built on the proven Esri ArcGIS platform, our solution maximizes your GIS investment to provide visual veg management for your asset-based patrols, cycle and non-cycle inspections, and prescriptive or work to standard workflows. As one of only a handful of digital solutions in the industry today offering GIS-based veg management in a single, standardized application, Compliance Manager unites all components of your veg business workflows, systems, and teams in offline and online modes. Our solution supports one complete version of the truth that is verifiable and traceable which enables visibility throughout the entire veg workflow.

Managing your Vegetation Program with dynamic map-based visualization unifies your veg management workforce within one software solution. Equip your team with end-to-end operational insight into your program.

Specific capabilities for this solution include the following veg management patrols and inspections:

Transmission and Distribution

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Mowing
  • Spraying and Weed Abatement


  • Bare Ground Herbicide Application

The business case for the Digital Utility Vegetation Management

Business Case

Streamline your veg management process and simplify compliance. Vegetation Compliance Manager provides a single, unified workflow that enables you to plan, monitor, and output reports – all from a single source. Configure your workflow and use the customizable dashboard to monitor near real-time progress against requirements. Read More >

field worker using Digital Utility Vegetation Management solution on iPad

Key Value

Get your entire veg management team on the same page. Smooth operations and accurately report on progress by increasing field transparency with custom plans to keep field workers fully integrated. Monitor, organize, and dispatch while keeping stakeholders in the loop. Read More >

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Scope of Work

Each Digital Utility solution uses a standard implementation process, tailored to the specific solution. We work with you to determine any adjustments needed to the prerequisite systems and the data they rely on as well as craft a plan for building out or tuning anything that is not yet to spec. Read More >

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Success Stories

See successes that UDC’s Compliance Manager solutions have made possible in actual client scenarios. Read More >

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Current State

Recent events have brought safety issues into sharp focus. Many utilities struggle with multi-system, non-transparent workflows that make compliance and reporting difficult prospects. Without near real-time monitoring, managing a Veg Program and team can be cumbersome, inefficient, and difficult to keep on budget. Read More >

Digital Utility Solution: Electric Compliance


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