UDC helps to build a GIS that’s a trusted knowledge source for evidence-based decision making by our Federal clients.

Geospatial Solutions Supporting Federal Agencies

Federal agencies provide support for many critical missions, including protecting public lands and natural resources, building smart infrastructure, reducing energy consumption, increasing climate resiliency, disaster recovery, homeland security, and national defense. The presence of a trusted enterprise GIS and geospatial technology partner can significantly enhance a federal agency’s ability to provide a quantifiable basis for evidence-based decision making.

UDC staff have worked with government agencies for decades to digitally enable operations on an enterprise level and serve the public by providing innovative solutions to unique and sometimes complex operational or business challenges. We have the experience and expertise to deploy geospatial services and solutions that support your special assignments.

Industry Areas of Focus

UDC serves the following areas within the Federal industry:

  • Defense
  • Intelligence
  • Tribal
  • Science
  • Agriculture
  • Land Management
  • Security
  • Mapping and Statistics
  • Natural Resources
  • Facilities
  • Infrastructure

UDC Services for Federal Clients

UDC provides geospatial and business geodata and system integration expertise to our Federal clients. In addition, we have expertise and experience in the areas of Enterprise GIS Services, Data Maintenance, Data Readiness for System Integration, Data Acquisition, Network Management and Utility Network capabilities, Utility Compliance Management Solutions, and Digital Design and Construction Software Implementation. We also leverage our dedicated Staffing Solutions practice, providing on-site and off-site geospatial expertise to our Federal clients.

In general, UDC provides the following services to our Federal clients:

  • Geospatial Analysis and Modeling. UDC provides complex geospatial analysis and modeling services to support decision-making processes, such as site selection, risk assessment, utility network management, and resource management.
  • Mapping and Visualization. UDC creates and updates digital maps, charts, graphs, and operational dashboards for a variety of purposes, including environmental monitoring, emergency response planning, energy use, and infrastructure management.
  • Database Design and Management. Leveraging Federal data and metadata standards, UDC designs and manages geospatial databases to store and manage large amounts of GIS, model, and imagery data.
  • Remote Sensing and Image Processing. UDC collects and analyzes data from satellite and aerial imagery, or other remote sensing sources to support various applications, including land-use planning, natural resource management, and disaster response.
  • Application Development and Configuration. To address unique Federal client needs and specific workflows, UDC develops or configures mobile mapping applications, web-based mapping portals, and enterprise GIS systems.

Achieve More with Location Intelligence

Location intelligence has become a significant factor supporting the success of today’s government agencies and their missions. GIS and its related geospatial technologies are the definitive mechanisms for leveraging locational data to extract and serve up that intelligence for your organization across departments, in the field, and across the globe. UDC works as your partner to help create a geospatial enterprise that provides the location intelligence vital to improving mission effectiveness, increasing operational efficiency, and achieving your agency vision.

  • Provide day to day insight into mission critical operations with real-time system, device, or network performance visualization
  • Streamline internal management and external stakeholder communications for increased effectiveness and transparency
  • Optimize emergency management and response with real-time and interactive mapping views
  • Automate, monitor, and digitally support management and performance of operations such as field inventory, compliance inspections, and asset maintenance
  • Visualize historic, current, and forecasted analytics to support decision making and process improvement
  • Build a connected, enterprise view of all land, resources, assets, infrastructure, and facilities under your charge to support your mission and vision

A geospatial enterprise integrated with your current business data supports map production, spatial analysis, and visualization through 2D and 3D GIS-based dashboards, web maps, and mobile apps. You can capture, integrate, and analyze diverse data providing the location intelligence needed for success.

Why Work with UDC

UDC staff have served government agencies around the world. With deep experience and proven success, we can deliver effective geospatial solutions based on your agency’s needs. Our teams have built lasting relationships with Federal clients just like you.

UDC has been providing enterprise GIS solutions leveraging the Esri platform and related geospatial technologies since 2005. We have achieved and continue to maintain a top tier Esri Platinum Partnership.

Our priority is to understand your systems, workflows, and the data they require to enable optimal performance and effectiveness. Our dedication to serving as a trusted advisor to our clients means we deliver the right solutions that are purpose-built to your needs, providing maximum value and return on investments.



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