Utilities & Infrastructure

UDC was founded on providing full project and program lifecycle support for electric and gas utilities. We are focused on solving our clients’ business challenges through geospatial and related technology services and solutions.

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Utilities and infrastructure companies play an important role delivering resources vital to daily life including dependable power and drinking water, but even more is happening behind the scenes. In addition to performing these essential functions, these companies are striving to make advancements to better serve their customers, employees, and communities through modernization initiatives and digital investments. They are focusing on innovations for providing clean and safe energy and looking to the future of delivering 3x the amount of reliable service as compared to today.

Providing services and solutions for the Digital Utility®, UDC is helping our clients to overcome challenges to realize their visions and reach those goals. Our knowledge of their business processes and expertise in the systems and data they rely on enables our teams to maximize the digital investments made by our clients at an enterprise level to support their entire organization and beyond.

Industry Areas of Focus

UDC serves the following areas within the Utilities and Infrastructure Industry:

  • Electric Distribution
  • Electric Transmission
  • Gas Distribution
  • Gas Transmission
  • Water and Wastewater
Utilities & Infrastructure


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Maximize your digital investments. Our expertise in enterprise data optimization and utility and infrastructure systems helps you solve everyday industry challenges in the most strategic way for your organization.

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