PG&E Company Overview

  • Operates in Northern and Central California
  • Electric: 106,681 miles distribution and 18,466 miles transmission
  • Gas: 42,141 miles distribution and 6,438 miles transmission
  • Approx. 9.5 million electric and natural gas customer accounts

Project Highlights:

Duration: 03/2021 – 02/2023

Objective: Apply data collected through a desktop review process to create digital twins of 495,000 distribution poles in PG&E’s High Fire Threat District.

UDC is excited to announce another partnership with PG&E for their Electric Pole Loading Assessment–Desktop Review project. The project aims to establish accurate digital twins of 495,000 distribution poles in PG&E’s High Fire Threat District. The project launched in March 2021 and will continue through February 2023.

One of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the United States, PG&E serves 5.1 million electric customers across Northern and Central California. Establishing a desktop review process (DTR) provides a faster and less costly method for conducting pole loading analyses, eliminating the need to field visit every pole by utilizing LiDAR and digital photographs to establish in-the-field versions of the poles. The DTR process will aid PG&E in planning for system changes and predicting the impact of weather and other conditions against the utility’s electrical system.

For the project, UDC is leveraging LiDAR, hi-resolution imagery, satellite imagery, and other ground truth data to correct pole positions and adjust span lengths and angles to accurately represent their real-world counterparts. The data is then applied to the pole models algorithmic generation (baseline poles) to provide an updated pole load calculation – all without the need for a field visit to verify.

UDC will be implementing and configuring UDC’s Digital Utility®- DyAN dashboard to provide high-level, detailed progress statuses to the client throughout the duration of the project.