Adopting Linear Referencing to Support Pipeline Integrity Risk Modeling

GeoConX 2018 Presentation

Ameren is in progress of migrating to Esri’s ArcGIS Pro with APR & Event Editor using the UPDM data model. This presentation shows how APR is setup to support field surveys and the use of workflow manager to integrate the use of APR and Event Editor when inputting the as-built information, running QA/QC validations, and updating UPDM based on the errors detected. It includes integrating assets and integrity events with Maximo to facilitate Maximo owning the generation of PM programs for leak surveys, CP surveys, valve inspections, and regulator inspections.

Jason Heck – Ameren

Bill Larkin – UDC

For more information, read the post – Combining Gas Transmission and Gas Distribution into a Single System of Engagement at Ameren.