Building a Reliability Engineering Environment at PHI

GeoConX 2019 Presentation

This presentation focuses on the development of Feeder Sentinel as a reliability analysis tool at Pepco Holdings, a subsidiary of Exelon serving 842,000 electric customers in Washington DC and suburban Maryland.

Feeder Sentinel is a Digital Utility® solution and a relative of the DyAN dashboard application. Combining GIS, OMS, AMI, SCADA, and DERMS, the Pepco Feeder Sentinel dashboard displays real-time and historic reliability data at the feeder level allowing their engineers to review performance, reliability, and power quality issues. This enables Pepco to make informed decisions regarding maintenance and feeder management with the ultimate goal of increasing customer reliability. They are able to review all of the necessary data and information more efficiently and effectively than ever before in a single dashboard application.

Paul Lipari – Manager of Reliability and Engineering, Pepco Holdings

Scott Warner – UDC

Read the project profile – Building a Reliability Engineering Environment at Pepco to learn more about the initiative.