Combining Gas Transmission and Distribution into a Single ArcGIS Enterprise System of Engagement

Esri UC 2019 Presentation

Ameren is in the progress of migrating to Esri’s ArcGIS Pro with APR & Event Editor using the UPDM data model. This presentation details the solution developed at Ameren for synching gas transmission and gas distribution, both managed in separate UPDM systems of record, to an ArcGIS Enterprise system of engagement. The nightly synch enables tracing between transmission and distribution networks within a single UPDM database.

Grace McLaughlin – Ameren

Lindsey McNicol – Ameren

Read the project profile – GIS Replacement for Gas and Electric and the accompanying blog post – Combining Gas Transmission and Gas Distribution into a Single System of Engagement at Ameren for a deeper dive into the project and program.

Tom Helmer – UDC