Setting Your Own Pace – Avista’s Journey to the Utility Network

Esri UC 2021 Presentation

Avista, working with UDC, is using an automated approach to their transition from ArcGIS and ArcFM to Pro. In their first leg of the trip, the team navigates migration of gas distribution and transmission to UN and UPDM. They are running networks in parallel with change detection functionality that has been refined for the project. Hear more about it, including guidebook tips and tricks for your own UN travels.

Ron Riel – Avista

Mike Littrel – Avista

Frank Roberts – UDC

TJ Houle – UDC

“The UDC team has been a great partner for Avista on this first leg of our multi-year journey toward the Utility Network. The team has been flexible in their approach, listening to Avista’s needs and using their expertise to respond with creative solutions. UDC helped Avista navigate the complexities of both the data model and the applications. UDC has been an advocate for making enhancements that will not only benefit Avista but also other customers on their journeys to the UN.”

Michael Littrel, Manager, Engineering Technical Services

See the Avista project profile to learn more about Avista’s journey.