UDC Solutions Overview

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Our goal is to provide a fully functioning out-of-the-box solution that can be configured or enhanced by our clients to fit their particular needs.

UDC builds utility solutions aimed at leveraging the Esri GIS software platform in areas that can benefit from fully integrated GIS technology and where it has the capability to address technology gaps. We are proficient at providing enterprise grade solutions in several business areas. These solutions are based on real-world project experience and the specific requirements of utility clients in the United States and Canada.

We have developed and continue to innovate buy vs. build solutions with the idea of addressing solution gaps and solving real business problems, automating workflows and providing productivity tools for increased efficiency, reliability, compliance and customer satisfaction. At the cores of our solutions are applications based on Esri technology that have been developed to enhance and build upon your utility software and systems. Our solutions also allow client configuration and customization and are not proprietary or restrictive.

Featured Utility Solutions

GIS Solutions developed by UDC include the following:

Pipeline Safety Management >

A GIS-centric PSMS solution that meets new compliance standards

Secondary Network Enablement >

Capability to visualize and actively manage and maintain secondary grids

Utility Network Migration >

Map your Path to UN; Perform Data Readiness Assessment and Migration with automation

ArcGIS Pro Add-ins >

Everyday tools for use in ArcGIS Pro