Secondary Network Enablement

High Density Population Underground Secondary Networks

Power Up Safety, Reliability & Efficiency

Our Secondary Network Enablement solution empowers secondary grid automation for networks in densely populated areas. It provides better safety, reliability and efficiency by increasing operator grid visibility.

Solution Overview

Many electric utilities have automated their primary grid with GIS but many still have not automated the secondary grid for management and monitoring. UDC has configured and deployed a solution based on Esri and Schneider Electric COTS products offering data in multiple views for greater visibility and control and automated workflows maintaining data integrity. UDC provides all of the complex data services required for enablement of data and applications to provide a complete secondary grid solution.

Key Benefits

  • Secondary Grid Automation

    Capability to manage/visualize/maintain the secondary grid more effectively for improved control and operational efficiency

  • Increased Quality and Reliability

    Capability to run power flows across the system ensuring power quality and reliability

  • Increased Safety and Equipment Protection

    Enhanced response capabilities to issues such as overheating and fires for increased safety and safeguard of investments


ArcGIS Server / Schneider ArcFM / Schneider Conduit Manager / Schneider Underground Facilities Manager

Secondary Network Enablement


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