Karen Smith

Karen Smith, Director Business Development

Director Bus. Development

Karen is dedicated to building lasting partnerships as our industry evolves

With over 30 years in the Utility and Telecom industries, I am committed to helping customers improve their most important asset, their data. Leveraging UDC’s data management expertise together with its Digital Utility Solutions, I help enable real-time operational insights for our utility customers, as I believe digital data is critical to empower advanced systems and connect to the modern grid. In leading the strategic business development for UDC, I identify new business opportunities, analyze market potential, and develop long-term business growth strategies. My mission is to help utilities unlock the data that drives their advanced systems forward and enables the mobile workforce of the future.

  • Supports proof-of-concepts that combine new data acquisition methods with AI models to solve complex business problems
  • She is the founder and owner of a virtual publishing company