DTE Energy Company Overview

  • Headquartered in Detroit, MI
  • Serves 450 MI communities

Project Highlights

Project Duration: 05/2023 – 11/2023

Objective: UN Readiness Assessment

UDC is excited to help evaluate DTE Energy’s migration readiness for Esri’s Advanced Network Management platform for its subsidiary, DTE Gas Company. Using a systematic approach, UDC is assessing the lift to migrate from the geometric network to the Utility Network model and the Utility and Pipeline Data Model (UPDM) for the utility’s gas distribution and transmission systems. The project kicked off earlier this year and will wrap up in Fall of 2023.

DTE Energy Goals

As one of the largest natural gas utilities in the US, DTE Gas Company serves over one million natural gas customers in Michigan. Through this proof of concept, DTE aims to determine the migration effort and logistics of moving its gas data into the Utility Network model.

UDC’s Role

For the UN Data Assessment, UDC is leveraging its robust HEIDE migration tool and automation tools to analyze the source data and determine its fit and completeness for the Utility Network model. UDC is additionally configuring a sample data set for subnetwork functionality as well as standing up a Utility Network environment for interactive demos and hands-on learning. The real-world insight gained from using its own gas data in the Utility Network environment will further aid the utility with making future, informed migration decisions for its organization.