We have assembled complete teams that can provide the full software development lifecycle through testing and installation.

Esri and Schneider software specialists in upgrade, configuration & deployment

We can help you with upgrading Esri software as well as migrating your data and system to Esri technology. We have successfully accomplished numerous updates for our utility clients and have the capability to effectively work with significant customization and integration. UDC upgrade, configuration and deployment projects include:

  • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE) Electric Distribution
  • Hawaiian Electric – Electric Distribution
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) Gas & Electric Distribution
  • PG&E Gas Transmission
  • Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) Gas Distribution
  • We Energies – Electric Distribution
  • Pasadena, CA Water & Power (PWP) Electric Distribution
  • Imperial Irrigation District

Esri Utility Network model capabilities

UDC is actively assisting clients to prepare for Esri’s new Utility Network model. The Utility Network will provide users with comprehensive network modeling capability across the Esri technology platform. Our team has the working knowledge to architect and redesign current integrations to take full advantage of the Utility Network’s streamlined service approach. Moving to the updated model will ensure alignment with ArcGIS Enterprise architecture and provide greater systems capabilities and enhanced performance. We are currently assisting the following clients evolve to the Esri Utility Network model:

  • Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) Distribution APDM to UPDM
  • SCANA Energy Gas Transmission/Distribution APDM/GE to UPDM

Specific Esri & Schneider product capabilities

We offer comprehensive support of Esri & Schneider products and technology and will assist to fully deploy your products making them work for you and your business. The following links provide complete lists of UDC’s Esri and Schneider product knowledge as well as related software development tool capabilities. These lists are updated from time to time to reflect new learning, versioning and product releases.




Developed Esri performance tuning applications

UDC provides enhanced GIS application functionality to our utility clients in addition to increased ArcFM based data maintenance and network management functionality.

Our approach to enhancing our clients’ systems and processes stems from our full lifecycle understanding and experience with their projects and programs. Leveraging peer utility learning and reuse of tools, we jumpstart your custom application allowing you to realize efficiencies faster with far less investment. UDC’s application development model is based on reuse and forward learning and is the driving factor behind the creation and implementation of numerous custom utility applications for our gas and electric clients. Below is a link to a list highlighting many applications available for use or modification to match your utility’s needs.


Extended toolsets and solutions for Gas & Electric

Business workflow automating toolsets and solutions are provided to our clients through our Digital Utility® framework software. The Digital Utility® expands on capabilities of Esri ArcGIS and Schneider Arc FM providing solutions such as Gas Compliance Manager® and Electric Compliance Manager®. These solutions can be configured for use in assigning, recording, monitoring and reporting all scheduled maintenance, inspections and surveys for your utility and can be integrated with your existing IT investments and products.

Visit the Digital Utility® section of our website to learn more about our extended toolsets and framework solutions for your utility.


Optimize Existing Investment, Moving to Utility Network

Request a copy of our "5 Paths for Utility Network Upgrade and Migration" presentation and learn how to take advantage of your current GIS investments, prepare for the future, and understand the impact of high fidelity data modeling for your utility.