Solution Summary: Outage Communications for Grid with DyAN™

DyAN™ is the Digital Utility® leveraged software at the base of UDC’s Outage Communications solution. A dynamic analytic dashboard application, DyAN aggregates and interactively displays your outage management related systems for maximum effectiveness in configurable internal and external views that can be shared via secure portal access and on your website.


Business Case

Streamline internal and external outage communications. Increase customer satisfaction, and optimize your response through automated status updating to internal and external audiences. Read More >


Key Value

Automatically distill rich outage/progress data into informative updates. Keep all constituencies updated through relevantly targeted progress notifications, including dashboard views and completion estimations. Read More >

Scope of Work

Scope of Work

Each Digital Utility Solution uses a standard implementation process, tailored to the specific solution. We work with you to determine any adjustments needed to the prerequisite systems and data it relies on, as well as crafting a plan for building out or tuning anything that is not yet to spec. Read More >

Outage Communications - success stories

Success Stories

See successes that the Outage Communications solution has made possible in actual client scenarios. Read More >

The current state

Current State

Manual progress assessment and communication can leave internal operations out of sync, and customers dissatisfied. Keeping all stakeholders up-to-date coordinates internal responses, while keeping customers informed and managing expectations. Read More >

Empower Your Outage Communications

Maximize outage response effectiveness by engaging all stakeholders more efficiently. Talk with one of our experts about how to automate the translation of data updates into audience-specific dashboard and messaging notifications.

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