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Improve your time-to-value on software implementations by bridging your graphic work design and as-built construction workflows for a comprehensive, end-to-end digital solution tailored to your organization.

The breakdown in digital communication between siloed design and construction processes often creates challenges around data quality and timeliness for critical operational systems. UDC’s proven implementation and integration experience helps maximize current and future investments by connecting them for a more complete solution that maintains a digital flow of your data throughout the entire asset lifecycle and enterprise.

Benefits derived from an end-to-end digital design to construction workflow include the following.

  1. Supports advanced functionality for critical systems, such as ADMS and Utility Network, and large CapEx construction projects
  2. Improved asset tracking for regulatory and safety reporting – Track and Trace, DIMP, TVC
  3. Streamlined construction management operations
  4. Enhanced data sharing capabilities to stakeholders and decision makers
  5. Aligned processes with modernization industry advancements
  6. Increased data fidelity

Services Overview

Featured Utility Design & Construction Services

Our range of services for electric and gas utilities provides an enterprise approach for your design and construction management strategy, from consulting all the way through upgrades, integrations, and implementation, to ensure the right kind of support for your organization.

GWD & As-Built Solution Implementation

UDC has the capabilities to install, implement, update, and integrate the industry’s top design and construction software and technology stacks. Our services can be built into your individual design or construction solution or combined for a unified technology implementation. Due to our breadth of understanding and experience, we can work with your preferred vendor to implement the right technology solution for your organization.

Utility Engineering Graphic Work Design

UDC works with your Engineering team to implement graphic work design (GWD) functionality and configure the solution to meet your specific design requirements. We can help consolidate your various design tools to a single, common enterprise implementation to streamline business functions and support integrations with your work management system.

Our team has a strong background and experience with implementing GWD solutions as well as providing integration services to help achieve your goals with generating designs. We can link your GWD technology to third-party software as well as perform integrations between your Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) and GIS and with third-party analysis tools for streamlined design management.

UDC will work with your vendor of choice. We have experience with the following GWD software and solutions.

Utility Construction Mobile As-built

UDC collaborates with your stakeholders to deploy your preferred construction technology stack. Our team has a strong background and experience implementing mobile as-built solutions and providing systems integration services. We integrate your selected mobile technology with any third-party software, including GPS, as well as perform integrations between EAM and GIS and with third-party analysis tools for optimized construction management.

UDC will work with your vendor of choice. We have experience with the following mobile as-built software and solutions.

End-to-End Digital Solution Consulting

UDC’s Digital Design and Construction team has the depth of knowledge and architectural experience in addition to the extensive understanding around technical requirements, vendor solutions, and utility design and construction workflows to help guide you throughout all stages of your digital journey. We can consult on your graphic work design (GWD) and mobile as-built strategies as standalone services or together for a combined technology solution. As an agnostic partner, we empower you to select the right technology, solution, and vendor for your organization and stakeholders.

Technology, Workflow, Vendor Consultation

UDC has diversified experience in the implementation of GIS systems, applications, and design and mobile services. Beyond technology, we also understand the importance of considering your organization’s business processes with any major upgrade or implementation. These combined abilities position us to help you determine the technology and vendor that best aligns with your organization.

To evaluate the requirements and functionality of a GWD and/or mobile as-builting application, we conduct a series of workshops to understand your current processes and technology landscape. Reviewing your implementation logistics and technology considerations helps us understand where you are currently and how we can get you where you want to go.

We can also assist with the vendor selection process. Our methodologies for evaluating vendors and software have evolved with the industry, which allows us to deliver tangible, applicable results. Using our custom-fit vendor selection models, we assess each vendor’s ability to meet your organization’s unique needs. The results of this assessment can be used as a guide with choosing a vendor or building out request for proposal (RFP) requirements.

To build the RFP, our teams work together at the onset to develop your technical requirements and bid specification for a full solution implementation. We can also assist with recommending bid participants and coordinating vendor demonstrations.

Utility Design & Construction


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Support critical operational systems. Get in touch with our experts to learn about linking your graphic work design and as-built construction processes for a more complete, end-to-end digital solution.

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