The Digital Utility platform

Digital Utility® - What is it?

Operational Solutions for Utilities

Digital Utility Solutions are architected from a combination of real-world, project-tested services, and leveraged software, designed to be spatially-enabled, and highly configurable. Our solution configurability enables us to match and enhance your utility’s current processes for meeting compliance and delivering safe, reliable service to your customers. Additionally, all Digital Utility Solutions are created to work within your existing Esri and Schneider Electric environments.

UDC's GIS-based, leveraged software solutions address common operational needs found across electric and gas utilities. Our Digital Utility Solutions fall into three primary categories.

Safety & Compliance
  • Gas Compliance
    • CP Survey
    • Critical Valve Inspection
    • Leak Survey
  • Electric Inspection & Maintenance
    • Overhead
    • Underground
    • Distribution & Transmission
  • Vegetation Management

    Transmission / Distribution / Substation

    • Tree Trimming
    • Tree Removal
    • Mowing
    • Spraying and Weed Abatement
    • Bare Ground Herbicide Application
  • Compliance Monitoring
Grid Modernization
Gas Operations
  • Digital Twin - Gas
  • Gas OMS
  • Gas Transmission

Step One – Your Solution Road Map

The first step in determining what your Digital Utility Solution will look like, and what your scope of work will entail, is to collaboratively develop a Solution Road Map that defines capabilities, schedule and budget. UDC will facilitate a Road Map Workshop at your location to review your specific systems, processes and operational needs, as well as identify any unique challenges that may be faced during your solution creation and implementation.

The Digital Utility Solution Roadmap

Typical Scope of Work for Digital Utility Solutions

Once your Solution Road Map has been created, we move together with you through the remaining steps of your solution implementation. Our standard implementation process is outlined in the diagram below. The amount of work in each area is dependent upon your specific operational solution and the components identified in your Road Map. This core process is augmented as needed for each of the solutions in our Digital Utility suite.

Standard Digital Utility Scope of Work

Digital Utility® - How do I get it?

Contact us for more information or a personal walk-through with a focus on tools & workflows that match your utility's specific operational solution needs.

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