UDC has proven talent and an experienced team in providing solution architecture design and consulting to our utility clients.

Solution Reference Models for Gas and Electric

The UDC team members have provided solution architecture for numerous gas and electric utility projects such as:

  • Hydro One’s Distribution Modernization
  • BC Hydro & British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC) Smart Grid
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E’s) Electric Distribution
  • PG&E’s Pathfinder Gas Distribution
  • PG&E’s Mariner, FAK, TIMP Gas Transmission
  • Sempra Energy’s Gas Distribution

Architect leading automation investments for Digital Utilities

UDC has prepared electric and gas reference models that reflect industry learning on successful solutions for electric and gas utilities. We leverage proven reference models and investments as a basis to jump starting your solution gapping differences when necessary. Prior experience allows us to provide practical guidelines and blueprints that when overlaid with your current architecture enables us to focus on variances. UDC looks at what’s possible using what works as a reference point. Imparting a real-world approach based on peer learning shortens the project timeline by focusing the discussion and serving as a realistic starting point for evaluating what is achievable. UDC’s reference models are organically grown and updated consistently to reflect changing and new technologies and maintain a focus on rolling education forward.

We have architected and designed a number of solutions and provided services in the following areas:

GIS, Outage Management, Electric Distribution, Gas Distribution, Gas Transmission, Pipeline Integrity, Mobility, Work Management, ADMS, DRMS and EAM, Design, Specifications, Implementation Planning, Vendor Selection and Management, Implementation Management