UDC Employment Opportunities

UDC is a growing business and we are always looking to recruit the top geospatial professionals in the industry. We are looking to attract employees in the following general job descriptions:

Lead Developer, Developer, Lead Tester, Tester, System Administration, Field Supervisors, Field Crew

If you are interested in being considered for one of these positions please click the position link and fill out the online application.

Specific positions that we are currently seeking to fill include:

  • Account Manager – Denver / Open

    UDC is seeking a full-time Account Manager to support our organization and help meet our growth objectives.

  • Senior Software Developer – Denver, Milwaukee or Tampa

    We are seeking a full-time Senior Software Developer to be based in either the Denver, Milwaukee or Tampa area with C# and ArcFM experience to support our organization and clients.

  • GIS Database Administrator – Denver, CO

    UDC is seeking a full-time GIS Database Administrator to support our organization, and gas and electric utility clients, in the planning, building and tuning of GIS databases within Oracle, PostGreSQL, and SQL server.

  • GIS Technician - Waukesha, WI

    We are seeking detail oriented and responsible individuals looking for an opportunity to grow and develop their skills in the field of GIS.

  • Software Developer

    We are seeking a full-time Software Developer to enhance our GIS development team.