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Employment Opportunities

UDC is a growing business and we are always looking to recruit the top geospatial professionals in the industry. We are looking to attract employees in the following general job descriptions:

Lead Developer, Developer, Lead Tester, Tester, System Administration, Field Supervisors, Field Crew

If you are interested in being considered for one of these positions please click the position link and fill out the online application.

Specific positions that we are currently seeking to fill include:

  • Software Developer

    We are seeking a full-time Software Developer to enhance our GIS development team.

  • Accountant

    We are currently seeking a full-time Accountant to support our organization.

  • Senior Software Developer

    We are seeking a full-time Senior Software Developer to lead our GIS development team.

  • Project Engineer

    We are seeking a full-time Project Engineer to lead our System Integration team. The selected candidate will report to the Vice President of System Integration.