UDC is uniquely qualified to assist your utility with Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) Readiness and can provide Implementation Support.

The ADMS deployment process

More and more utilities are making the transition to Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), a software platform that integrates multiple utility systems for the purpose of automated outage restoration and performance optimization. Improved system reliability, greater visibility, faster service restoration, the ability to integrate and manage distributed energy resources and manage demand response are a few reasons why utilities are moving to the technology, not to mention, enhanced operations and customer communication for increased customer satisfaction. Deploying an ADMS is a complex multistage strategic process with requirements unique to the individual utility. UDC can bring the services related to ADMS deployment, outside of the ADMS software installation, to your utility including all phases of ADMS Readiness, Data Refinement, Vendor Selection and Oversight.

ADMS Deployment Process

The ADMS Deployment Process is a complex multistage strategic process - click to view a pdf

ADMS Readiness – Our approach and tools

The UDC approach to ADMS readiness is to:

  • Provide a thorough analysis of your Systems of Record (SOR) that will reveal data “gaps” that can then be remedied to support ADMS technology,
  • The first tier of analysis is mandatory systems of record and data status needed to populate and maintain the power system network in the ADMS
  • The second tier of analysis provides the analysis associated with an additional set of business activity flows for all activities that should be using either ADMS functionality or data produced by the ADMS.

Proven ADMS reference solution architecture

UDC brings to the project an ADMS reference solution architecture that includes business activity flows used to drive required business activity flows and power a steady-state data flow diagram for key technology systems and integrations including: Geographic Information System (GIS), Mobile GIS (mGIS), Outage Management System (OMS), Energy Management System (EMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Mobile Workforce Management (MWM), Automated Meter Infrastructure/Meter Data Management System (AMI/MDMS), Demand Response Management System (DRMS), Switching Requests, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Distribution Planning System (DPS), and Weather Feeds.

Our reference solution architecture tool, based on peer utility experience, includes a set of technology dependent implementation business releases organized into six distinct businesses that will be used to drive your ADMS implementation roadmap based on your priorities.

ADMS related core business competencies

UDC will leverage its core businesses of utility field surveys, data management, and GIS integrations to provide high value for your utility because our data remediation recommendations will be based on solid business and technology knowledge within the utilities data lifecycle. Our core service offerings also position UDC to do the ADMS systems of record gap analysis and data cleansing recommendations.

UDC’s experience with developing “zero” data latency Distribution Change Management processes and data governance rules for utilities ensures that UDC’s recommended Data Management Strategy will provide the new ADMS with high quality and low latency updates to the electric power system network. This will allow you to take advantage of the advanced applications provided by the new ADMS as soon as the business is ready to embrace them.

Other distinguishing capabilities of the UDC team that enhance our ADMS capabilities are our experience of supporting new Substation Automation and Distribution Automation device deployments and integrations with an ADMS. UDC also brings to the project our Smart Grid Data Repository reference architecture which supports substation automation (SA), distribution automation (DA), advanced distribution management system (ADMS), automated meter infrastructure (AMI) and human collected information about the asset condition and operating status of the power system grid.

ADMS Data Refinement

UDC has extensive experience performing and managing major data projects. As a result of this in-depth data understanding, we have the capability and experience to not only assess the information required by the ADMS system and the status of your data but to provide cleansing and enhancement of your data as required by the ADMS.

UDC has extensive Field Services as well for determining the actual inventory of your assets to assist in providing the detailed asset type inventory characteristics required by the ADMS.

ADMS Vendor Selection and Oversight

Developing the RFP and selecting your ADMS vendor is an important step in the ADMS deployment process. Your RFP needs to accurately define capabilities, functionalities, and services required not only at the time of initial deployment but to meet the goals of long-term and future ADMS implementations. UDC can assist in choosing the vendor that best fulfills your utility’s system requirements and one that will be your partner for the long-term. We can also support your ADMS implementation by providing implementation oversight to ensure requirements are fully addressed by your vendor.

Our team has performed ADMS readiness or implementation support assignments for the following utilities:

  • Xcel Energy
  • Hydro One
  • BC Hydro

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